Gravely Zero Turn

Gravely Pro Turn 400

Tubular Frame Design

Fully Tubular Frame Design High-strength, premium-grade material withstands force from any direction Computer-developed for maximum fatigue life and reinforced stress points

Deck Leveling

Designed Deck Leveling Optimized grass lift requires less horsepower and better fuel efficiency Simple, minimum wear points make it easier to adjust as necessary

Belt Tension System

Constant Belt Tension System Self-adjusting belts ensure constant tension and consistent blade tip speed Extremely precise cutting results and longer belt life

Gravely and Tom Miller's Motorsports

See the lineup of Gravely Zero Turn Mowers at Tom Miller's Motorsports

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Zero-Turn Designed for all-day comfort and unbeatable productivity. Choose one of our extremely durable zero turn mowers and be the master of your terrain..

Take the time to come by Tom Miller's Motorsports soon and see the full lineup of Gravely Zero Turn Mowers!

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