Everyone and their mothers should trying off-roading at least once in their lives. That’s why we offer some of the best prices in the industry so that people don’t have to spend a fortune to haul-ass on the dirt. A lot of people misconceive affordability as cheap; we are anything but the case. Our products are built on innovation and durability, with the safety of our customers as a top priority. Did we mention adrenaline packed riding? Our vehicles are ready to handle as much as the rider is willing to give; just make sure not to do anything too crazy 🙂



Tom Miller's Motorsports

Coolster ATV's Portfolio

Here at Tom Miller's Mortorsports we believe in an alternative solution to the expensive and exorbitant off-road industry. To provide people the best possible products and services, so that they can continue their adrenaline-packed shredding. Our customers are our greatest priority, and we strive to ensure a painless shopping experience from start to finish. We have a team of experienced, highly trained staff who are on hand to help troubleshoot orders, locate specific parts, and advise you on your purchase or assist with any problems that you may have.

The Coolster ATV-3125B showcases our most dynamic colorways to date. Featuring a green or orange coated frame, new body plastics, and striking decals to compliment, the ATV-3125B will hit the trails with flare and style. Coupled with our reliable 125cc fully-automatic engine, the ATV-3125B’s combination of unique aesthetics and performance make this the ultimate mid sized vehicle.


Coolster ATV 3050B

110cc Fully Automatic Mini Size ATV Our Coolster ATV-3050B all-terrain vehicle is designed specifically for off-road fun. Powered by a dependable 110CC 4-stroke, air cooled engine, the vehicle features durable double a-arms, shock-absorbent suspensions, and light handling. Perfect for beginners and younger riders.


Coolster ATV 3125 C2

The Coolster ATV-3125C-2 is the successor of our popular 3125C. More versatile and durable, the 3125C-2 is powered by a 125cc semi-automatic 4-stroke engine, larger wheels, and greater spring suspensions. The 3125C-2 can also come as a fully automatic version (3125CX-2) and also features the same aesthetics.


Coolster ATV 3125XR8-U/US

The Coolster ATV-3125XR8-U/US is the ultimate utility ATV. With both front and rear racks, 19/18 inch front/rear wheels, and a reliable 125cc 4-stroke engine, this machine is suitable for adults and adolescents alike. Unlike its predecessor the 3125XR8, the Coolster ATV-3125XR-U/US is available in both semi and fully automatic versions.


Coolster ATV 3125A2, Red

125CC Fully Automatic Mid Size ATV

125CC Fully Automatic Mid Size ATV The Coolster ATV-3125A2 is the successor of the 3125A and features an array of upgrades that include a reinforced metal frame, metal footrests, and stronger front and rear racks. The vehicle is equipped with a 125cc fully automatic engine and can double as a recreational and work utility vehicle.

Coolster Bike

Coolster QG-214 S

125CC Semi-Automatic Mid Sized Dirt Bike

Our Coolster 214S dirt bike is the semi-automatic version of the QG-214. The unit comes with thicker fork tubing, stiffer springs, and a taller gripper seat to ensure that it can take maximum abuse while you stay comfortable. Powered by our 125cc semi-automatic engine, the 214S is sure to shred up the trails.

Coolster Bike

Coolster XR-125

125CC Manual/Semi-Automatic Mid Sized Dirt Bike One of our latest Coolster dirt bikes to hit the market, the Coolster XR-125 dirt bike is a small but agile vehicle that is great for beginners or advanced users alike. The 125cc 4-stroke vehicle comes as either manual or semi-automatic and features a variety of colors.


Coolster QG-214

125CC Manual Clutch Mid Size Dirt Bike

The Coolster QG-214 is our premiere mid sized dirt bike. The Coolster QG-214 is powered by a 4-stroke, 125cc engine with a top speed of around 50 MPH. It is available in blue, black and red colors. The QG-214 features a manual transmission with front and rear drum brakes, and a heavy duty frame built for durability.

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